Welcome To The Money Badger’s Burrow

Dear Reader,
You are probably wondering why my blog is called “The Money Badger”. A creature called the honey badger provided the inspiration. The honey badger is an intelligent, fearless animal, attacking others to get what it wants. It is even known to repel much larger and dangerous predators such as lions and cobras. Honey badgers favour bee honey, and will often search beehives to obtain it, which earns them their name.

Okay, so now you are probably asking “Where’s the connection?”. In my blog I hope to share my opinion with you on economic and financial events affecting the world economy. I want to encourage my readers to be fearless and share their opinion on my blog. I am driven by pursuit of knowledge and the almighty dollar, seeking out information and money in the same spirit as the honey badger.

The Money Badger

Honey badger fend off lion

Courtesy of outdoorphoto.co.za



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